COVID vaccination and testing

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COVID vaccination and testing

Vaccine (including 3rd shot for immunocompromised individuals),
pre-schedule booster shot,
testing, and information

COVID vaccinations

We offer COVID-19 vaccinations for all persons 12 and older, using the Pfizer, Moderna and J&J vaccines. Vaccine will be administered in our store.

Both Pfizer and Moderna require 2 shots and you can book the one you need on our calendar below.

Immunocompromised persons are eligible for a 3rd shot of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. Book an appointment on our calendar below.

Please note that each person much sign up individually.

To save time at your vaccination appointment, please download, print, fill out and bring the consent form to your appointment time.

You will also be asked to verify that you have read and understand the data sheet for the vaccine you are getting. The data sheets are here:

Click the button below to select desired vaccine, an available time slot on the calendar, and you're booked.

COVID booster

The final step before administering boosters is the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommendations to providers, which is expected today.

Booster doses of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine will be available for individuals who are at least 6 months past their 2nd shot and belong to one of these groups:

  • 65 and older
  • 18-64 who are at high risk of severe COVID-19
  • 18-64 whose institutional or occupational exposure puts them at high risk of serious complications from COVID-19

We will begin administering boosters tomorrow, Friday, 9/24.

Eligibility example: On September 24, qualified individuals who received their 2nd dose before March 24 will be eligible for a booster shot.

NOTE: These boosters are only for recipients of the Pfizer vaccine. Moderna and J&J boosters are not available at this time.

COVID testing

We offer 2 COVID tests:

Rapid Antigen Test ($90.00) This test uses viral proteins to determine infection. The test is specific for COVID-19 and is best administered 3-7 days after exposure.

Rapid PCR Test ($190.00) This test uses viral DNA to determine infection. The test is specific for COVID-19 and is best administered 3-7 days after exposure. PCR testing is more sensitive than Rapid Antigen testing and should only be performed once every 90 days following a positive result. Results available in 1 hour.

Both tests are administered curbside for your convenience.

When you arrive in our parking lot for your appointment, simply call us at 501-223-2636. (Touch the phone number on your mobile phone to call us)